Privacy policy

Personal Data Protection (General Regulation of Data Protection)


In compliance with the current regulation which addresses protection of personal data, Dentrymad, S.L.U, informs that personal data will be confidentially retrieved by means of the registration forms available at:; and will automatically be synchronized with the specific files of the users of this service, provided by Dentrymad, S.L.U.

Automatic personal data collection and treatment aim at maintaining the commercial relation and fulfilment of characteristic Dentrymad, S.L.U, activities such as informing, educating and advising.

Data will only be transferred to third-party entities with the sole aim of fulfilling the previously mentioned purposes.

Dentrymad, S.L.U, takes all necessary measures to guarantee the safety, integrity and confidentiality of data in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, 27th of April 2006, of the European Parliament and Council, which addresses protection of physical citizens in respect of the treatment and free transfer of their personal data.

Our patients will be entitled at all times to access, rectify, cancel, limit, transfer or object to this data as recognized in the current Regulation (EU). Such rights will personally be exercised by the user via email to: , or at the clinic location: C/ Orense, 16, 1º H, 28020 – Madrid (Madrid), at no additional cost. In any of the aforementioned cases, the user must provide authentic identifying documents and must commit to keeping the data updated and notifying Dentrymad, S.L.U, of any changes.


Purpose of Personal Data Treatment: 

What purpose does the treatment of personal data have? 

At Dentrymad, S.L.U, personal data collected by our website will be treated for the following purposes:

– Maintaining contractual relations, management, administration, information, benefits and service improvement in case of hiring the services and goods offered by
Sending information requested through the forms available in

Sending newsletters, just as promotional and/ or advertising bulletins from or others in the sector.

We remind our clients that they are entitled to object to receiving our newsletters sent via any medium, at any time, just by sending us an email to the previously mentioned address.

It is mandatory to fill all the present fields in the registration forms, otherwise it will be impossible to fulfill the aforementioned purposes if such data is not disclosed.

How long is collected personal data kept in our database?

Personal data will be retrieved while the clinic-patient contract lasts, as long as its deletion is not requested. Should legal actions need be taken, data would also be stored throughout the legal process.


Data treatment is carried out in compliance with the following legal bases that legalise it:

Requesting information or hiring services from Dentrymad, S.L.U. -whose terms and conditions will be at the client’s disposal at all times- , prior to hiring our services.
– The client’s free, specific, informed and unequivocal consent. We inform our clients that the present privacy policy is at their disposal at all times; and that they can, after reading it, accept the terms and conditions it offers by signing a statement or ticking the set box below.

If a user fails to disclose their personal data, or does it in a wrongful or incomplete manner, we will not be able to respond to their request; for it is impossible to administer any information or hire any services if such data is not provided.


Data will not be transferred to any unaffiliated third-parties, except in cases of legal responsibility.

We are responsible for treating and protecting personal data, and we have hired the following team to provide the best coverage service. When signing their contract, this team will declare to abide by the pertinent regulation in respect to data protection:

Gathered Data by the User of the Services 

If the user includes personal data files in shared servers, Dentrymad, S.L.U, is not responsible for the user’s failure to fulfill the GRDP. 

Withholding Personal Data according to LSSI (Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce) 

Dentrymad, S.L.U, informs that, as a personal data holding service provider, in compliance to Law 34/2002, 11th of July, of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce; all essential information to identify the origin of gathered data and the initial date of contract will be withheld for a maximum time limit of 12 months. Such data is withheld without affecting the confidentiality of any of its communications, and will only be used in the event of a criminal investigation or for safeguarding public safety, being then put at the disposal of any legal authorities that may require them -judges, juries or the Ministry-.

Sharing data with the Judiciary and Law- Enforcement Authorities will be done in compliance to the current regulations on personal data protection. 

Intellectual Property Rights 

Dentrymad, S.L.U., owns copyright, intellectual property, industrial property, know-how, and other content-related rights displayed in, as well as the required programmes for its implementation and other related information.

It is forbidden to copy, publish, or publicly use -partially or totally- the contents found in the website without a previous written consent form.

Software Intellectual Property 

Users of this site must respect third-party programs offered by Dentrymad, S.L.U, even when those are free or available to the public.

Dentrymad, S.L.U, owns all rights of exploitation and intellectual property of the essential website software.

Customers do not acquire any license or right to the hired service, to the necessary software for the service, or to the technical information for monitoring the service. Only in the latter cases an exception may be made to the licenses and rights while the contract lasts, with the sole purpose of fulfilling it.

To carry out any actions that breach the contract, the user will need Dentrymad, S.L.U,’s written consent. Such consent form forbids the user from accessing, modifying, showing the website settings, structure and files belonging to Dentrymad. The user will also take civil and criminal responsibility for their actions if anything should happen to the servers and security systems as a direct consequence of their own negligent or malicious behavior.

Intellectual Property of Site Contents 

It is forbidden to a breach the in-force legislation regarding intellectual property of services facilitated by Dentrymad, S.L.U, in particular: 

Use that breaches the Spanish laws or infringes the rights of any third-parties.
Publishing or sharing any content that, according to Dentrymad, S.L.U, may be violent, obscene, abusive,illegal, racist, xenophobic or slanderous.
Cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that may violate the intellectual property rights of third parties.
Storing and/or using other users’ personal data without their explicit consent, or infringing the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, 27th of April 2006, of the European Parliament and Council, which addresses protection of physical citizens in respect of the treatment and free transfer of their personal data.

Using the domain of the mail server and the subscribed email addresses to send spam messages.

The user is responsible for the website content, the shared and stored information, hypertext links, third-party concessions and legal actions concerning intellectual property, third-party rights and protection of minors.

The user is responsible for abiding by the current laws and regulations and the rules governing online service, electronic commerce, copyright, maintaining public order and the universal principles of Internet usage.

The user would compensate Dentrymad, S.L.U, for the expenses a judicial accusation against Dentrymad, S.L.U, would cost, including fees and defense expenses -even without a final decision of the jury- in the case the user was deemed responsible.

Protection of Stored Information 

Dentrymad, S.L.U, performs routinary data backup of the content stored in its servers; but it is not responsible ,however, for any user’s loss or accidental deletion of data. In the same way, Dentrymad, S.L.U does not guarantee the full recovery of lost data by the user, as such data can be deleted or modified in the period after a backup.

The services offered, except for specific backup services, do not include replacing preserved data in data backups performed by Dentrymad, S.L.U, when the user is responsible for the data loss. In such cases, a fee will be estimated to cover the complexity and volume of the data recovery, having the user previously agreed on the cost.

The cost of deleted data recovery is only included in the service if Dentrymad, S.L.U, is responsible for the data loss.

Commercial Communications 

In compliance with Law 34/2002, 11th of July, of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce; Dentrymad, S.L.U., will not send any form of advertisement or sales promotions via email or any other equivalent method of electronic communications without the recipients’ previous specific consent or request.

Dentrymad, S.L.U, is allowed to send commercial communications related to its products or services to those customers who have previously had a contract, and hired similar services to the ones promoted in such communications.

In any case, the customer -as long as they are able to authenticate their identity- is entitled to request removal from our commercial communications channel by contacting Customer Service.