Biosecurity: Compendium of rules, measures and protocols applied to various procedures. These procedures aim at preventing risk or infections when there is exposure to potentially infectious agents.


Taking good care of our patients, as well as taking care of our dental team, is our number one priority, and hence we carry out strict protocols to perform treatments in a safe and efficient way.

Our clinic includes two different sterilizer equipment rooms (clean rooms) where the equipment used for each patient is cleaned, disinfected, packed and sterilized. This way we avoid cross-contamination from possible diseases or pathogens like bacteria or viruses.

Our clinic hires a specialized contract service that handles and controls toxic and biological waste, so that the biochemical residue that generates from our work is disposed of in a safe way.

Additionally, we also carry out a thorough disinfection protocol of our facilities. In the clinic booths (where we see our patients) we have established an efficient and quick disinfection system after treating each patient. This procedure is essential to maintain our patients’ biosafety.

Our clinic also includes UV light systems and air purifiers installed in every room, since these devices have proved to be the most efficient in destroying bacteria and viruses that might be in the environment and which would, otherwise, be impossible to get rid of.

Lastly, our team is instructed and trained to apply these biosafety protocols and carry them out successfully.

We are a biosecure clinic, and we have always invested in this concept to ensure complete safety and comfort for our patients and the dental workers who are part of our team.

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