Dental Boutique | Facilities

At Suarez & Lopez, we offer you wide and bright spaces that help create a welcoming and relaxing environment for our patients. Our dental offices are equipped with everything needed to successfully perform the broad range of treatments we offer.  

We can perform radiological studies of our patients avoiding external consultation. We work with radiodiagnosis technology that undergoes calibration inspections periodically in order to maintain its extremely accurate definition to conduct diagnoses. These equipments present the certificates and the permissions from the Nuclear Security Council (CSN) and from the Ministry de Industry.

We know how important working with high-quality materials is, and for that reason we use the best available authorized materials in the market, all of which are certified with the CE marking of the European Council. We invest in tools of the highest quality and precision to ensure optimal performance and provide treatments in a safe and comfortable way for our patients. Additionally, we have established a daily strict protocol of disinfection and sterilization of both our materials and our facilities that fully protects our patients and staff, and complies with excellency the mandatory controls and requisites established by the Health Department of Madrid. 

Due to the exhaustive and well-organized follow-up system carried out by our dental staff, we can provide support to our patients and make them feel at ease with the procedures that we have performed, in a way that helps them increase their confidence in our team. For all of these reasons, we successfully provide our patients with the best facilities for their comfort as well as the latest technological advances, for their safety and trust.