if you suffer from or any TMJ problem, we can treat it.

Joint Restoration and TMJ

TMJ problems are related to the temporo mandibular joint and its musculature, which allows us to open and close our mouth.

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Clínica boutique Dental Madrid – atm - Si tienes un problema de bruxismo o de ATM podremos solucionártelo


Early detection of TMJ disorders is crucial to preserve the joint stable and keep the teeth and the opening of the jaw in an optimal condition.
This joint helps us when eating, opening and closing the jaw adequately, and it assists in enganging the upper and lower teeth in a balanced way.
Some patients occasionally suffer from jaw locking or clicking sounds when opening or closing their mouth. With the right treatment, we can improve these situations.
It is very common to wake up feeling pain or tenderness in the jaw, or feeling that one has been strongly clenching or grinding teeth all night. We can treat these uncomfortable symptoms in a simple way.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our highly qualified dental team has vast experience in this speciality.
  • The clinic management decided to count on all other dental specialities to be able to provide a multidisciplinary and personalized treatment to all our patients, since this is the clinic’s working philosophy.
  • We are committed to achieving the best result, and thus, we work with the best technicians and dental prosthetists to create highly aesthetic prostheses and aesthetic treatments using the best available materials in the market, and with the most advanced technology.
  • We always strive for personalized dental care of each patient by developing a thorough planning of each case prior to the treatment. Our patients can then visualize the final result, and comment and define their treatment objectives.
  • Once the treatment is completed, we focus on preserving our patients’ oral health in the long-term, by providing them with comprehensive and efficient hygiene guidelines to ensure our treatments are kept in good condition.
  • We offer different treatment options for our patients, hence providing them with a spectrum of choices following our orthodontics specialists’ direct advice.
  • We carry out a detailed and specific analysis of each clinical case in order to determine the patient’s pathology and the required treatment.
  • Patients will be given a report about their treatment with technical description of diagnosis and technical procedure.

” The attention and the treatment they gave me was super professional and very attentive, as very personalized everything. The doctor who treated me transmitted me a lot of knowledge and professionalism. I recommend 100%”

— Jenny M. —