If you suffer dental phobia, we suggest conscious sedation to ease your stress. Details make the difference. Working with tools such as the microscope during certain procedures might be crucial to achieve an accurate diagnosis, and to ensure a successful treatment.

Microscopic Dentistry

High-precision device that is used to define and administer treatments in specific complex procedures, in a safer and more accurate way.

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Clínica boutique Dental Madrid – microscopia dental - Si tienes mucha ansiedad al dentista te proponemos sedarte para que no pases un mal rato


Dental Microscopes were introduced in Dentistry to improve certain treatments and therefore perform them in a much precise and effective way.

Highly complex diagnoses and treatments can only be achieved by means of applying this technology.

Using the dental microscope allows our patients to view and follow the procedure, and it helps the dentist explain the process in a more comprehensible way.

“I was looking for a clinic specializing in dental aesthetics and they recommended this, I made a smile design and porcelain veneers. I am super happy with the result, they have left me a super pretty smile.”

— María J. —