By means of a dental prosthesis and different procedures, we are capable of restoring missing or damaged teeth.

What is a Full Mouth Restoration?

Full restorations are required in clinical cases that involve the damage or loss of old teeth, either in the upper jaw, the lower jaw or both. 

In this type of cases, there are several options to replace the missing teeth by means of implants or teeth rehabilitation, which will restore the aesthetic balance, function and oral health.

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Clínica boutique Dental Madrid – rehabilitación oral - Con la prótesis dental sustituimos piezas perdidas en la boca o bien dientes que tenemos en muy mal estado mediante distintos procedimientos.


When teeth have been lost or the remaining teeth are very deteriorated, this kind of treatment needs to be done. The new teeth will provide the patient with the benefit of being able to chew and eat properly, and it will restore the aesthetic appearance that will reinforce their confidence and social skills.

Why choose us?

  • Our clinic is specialized in oral restoration, prostheses and cosmetic dentistry. We are a highly-qualified professional team with a vast experience in the different fields.
  • The clinic management decided to count on all other dental specialities to be able to provide a multidisciplinary and personalized treatment to all our patients, since this is the clinic’s working philosophy.
  • We are committed to achieving the best result, and thus, we work with the best technicians and dental prosthetists to create highly aesthetic prostheses and aesthetic treatments using the best available materials in the market, and with the most advanced technology.
  • We always strive for personalized dental care of each patient by developing a thorough planning of each case prior to the treatment. Our patients can then visualize the final result, and comment and define their treatment objectives.
  • Once the treatment is completed, we focus on preserving our patients’ oral health in the long-term, by providing them with comprehensive and efficient hygiene guidelines to ensure our treatments are kept in good condition.


“Buscaba una clínica especialista en estética dental y me recomendaron esta, me hice un diseño de sonrisa y unas carillas de porcelana. Estoy súper contenta con el resultado, me han dejado una sonrisa súper bonita. “

— María J. —