With these treatments we move your teeth in a simple and conservative way to improve your bite and oral aesthetic.


Orthodontics is a treatment based on moving teeth to either solve occlusion problems, achieve better access to oral hygiene, or improve dental aesthetics. It is a highly conservative treatment that preserves our patients’ teeth.

We are a clinic with a highly specialized team and with extensive experience in the field.

Our specialists have the accreditation of invisible orthodontic methods in both INVISALING and INCOGNITO.

Clínica boutique Dental Madrid – ortodoncia - Con este tratamiento podemos moverte los dientes de forma sencilla y conservadora para mejorar tu mordida y tu estética


This is a treatment that consists of moving the teeth to either solve occlusion problems, achieve better access to oral hygiene, or improve dental aesthetics. It is a highly conservative treatment that preserves our patients’ teeth.
When the occlusion is modified, the patient is able to chew better in a more balanced way, access to perform a better dental hygiene is gained and dental and facial aesthetics are improved.
We are also capable of modifying the facial structure (face) of patients that present a jaw malformation (abnormally larger) or an open bite (patients that present an open mouth). These are complex treatments that provide good solutions in these cases.

Clinical cases | ORTHODONTIC

In this case a treatment was applied with alienators of the brand INVISALIGN (invisible orthodontics) where you can see how in just a few months have aligned teeth, painless and quickly and easily.

Clinical case with conventional orthodontic braces was applied where the bite was adjusted giving an adequate occlusion as well as a placement of the teeth in the proper position. To finish the case, a teeth whitening treatment was applied, leaving a beautiful smile, aligned and with a more pleasant color.

Why choose us?

  • Our clinic is specialized in oral restoration, prostheses and cosmetic dentistry. We are a highly-qualified professional team with a vast experience in the different fields.
  • The clinic management decided to count on all other dental specialities to be able to provide a multidisciplinary and personalized treatment to all our patients, since this is the clinic’s working philosophy.
  • We are committed to achieving the best result, and thus, we work with the best technicians and dental prosthetists to create highly aesthetic prostheses and aesthetic treatments using the best available materials in the market, and with the most advanced technology.
  • We always strive for personalized dental care of each patient by developing a thorough planning of each case prior to the treatment. Our patients can then visualize the final result, and comment and define their treatment objectives.
  • Once the treatment is completed, we focus on preserving our patients’ oral health in the long-term, by providing them with comprehensive and efficient hygiene guidelines to ensure our treatments are kept in good condition.
  • Our specialists have a vast experience in invisible orthodontics treatments and they are certified in invisible orthodontics methods such as INVISALIGN (transparent retainers) and INCOGNITO (lingual braces).
  • We offer different treatment options for our patients, hence providing them with a spectrum of choices following our orthodontics specialists’ direct advice.
  • For complex clinical cases that require orthognathic surgery, we have partnered with a well-respected team of maxillofacial doctors who specialize in this kind of interventions.

“I was looking for a clinic specializing in dental aesthetics and they recommended this, I made a smile design and porcelain veneers. I am super happy with the result, I have left a super pretty smile. “

— María J. —