By means of a dental prosthesis and different procedures, we are capable of restoring missing or damaged teeth.


Dental Prostheses are the artificial parts that substitute damaged or missing teeth to restore their lost function and aesthetic.

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Clínica boutique Dental Madrid – prótesis dental - Con la prótesis dental sustituimos piezas perdidas en la boca o bien dientes que tenemos en muy mal estado mediante distintos procedimientos

What kinds of prostheses are there?

Dental Prostheses can be either supported by natural teeth or to implants.

We work with two different types: Fixed Prosthesis and Removable Prosthesis.

 1.Removable Prosthesis (Patients can take out the prosthesis at will).

  • Removable Partial Denture: – denture that substitutes one or more teeth and that is supported by the patient’s existing teeth by means of metal or aesthetic clasps.
  • Full Denture: completely edentulous patient (has no teeth) of one dental arch or both. The prosthesis is supported by suction effect to the soft tissue (by adapting the prosthesis to the gums).
  • Splint: device that protects teeth, musculature and jaw joint, particularly used in cases of bruxism.
  • Overdenture: device that is supported by implants or teeth by several attachments or latching elements.
  • Mixed Denture: denture that combines a removable part and a fixed part.

 2. Fixed Prosthesis (cannot be self-removed):

  • Crown/ Dental Cap: covers damaged teeth or implants.
  • Bridge: alse teeth (pontics) that substitute one or several adjacent teeth if there is a toothless gap in between them and are stabilized by the teeth or dental implants on the sides of the gap.
  • Hybrid Denture: it is supported by several implants and substitutes both teeth and part of the gum.
  • Full Fixed Restoration on implants or teeth: similar to a hybrid denture, but smaller in size and apparently more natural-looking, as it can be supported by implants or teeth.


When losing a tooth or molar, it should always be replaced by an artificial device.
Otherwise problems could arise due to the uneven forces that the rest of the denture would have to endure, resulting in problems when chewing, mandibular joint damage, wear and cracks on the dental surfaces. As a result, food digestion would be impaired.
On the other hand, if a tooth is in a bad condition -fractured or damaged- it should be protected and covered to avoid further deterioration or even losing it.

Why choose us?

  • Our clinic is specialized in oral restoration, prostheses and cosmetic dentistry. We are a highly qualified professional team with a vast experience in the different fields.
  • The clinic management decided to count on all other dental specialities to be able to provide a multidisciplinary and personalized treatment to all our patients, since this is the clinic’s working philosophy.
  • We are committed to achieving the best result, and thus, we work with the best technicians and dental prosthetists to create highly aesthetic prostheses and aesthetic treatments using the best available materials in the market, and with the most advanced technology.
  • We always strive for personalized dental care of each patient by developing a thorough planning of each case prior to the treatment. Our patients can then visualize the final result, and comment and define their treatment objectives.
  • Once the treatment is completed, we focus on preserving our patients’ oral health in the long-term, by providing them with comprehensive and efficient hygiene guidelines to ensure our treatments are kept in good condition.

“I went to the clinic looking for a dentist in Madrid through Google and chose this one.
I really liked the treatment and the doctor who treated me, it was a serious and very clean clinic, with pleasure.
The treatment I had was very simple but I am very happy.”

— Felipe G. —