Ms. Natalia Romo del Prado

Dental Hygienist

Ms. Romo will see you and take care of your mouth. Her speciality is the preservation of your dental aesthetic and oral restoration. She will also be able to give you advice and instructions to take adequate care of your oral hygiene.

“When I was little, I was lively, a bit naughty and very active… and to this day I remain lively and active. I love drawing and reading while listening to music, as it helps me unwind from everything. I studied to be a dental hygienist since I enjoy seeing my own patients but at the same time I enjoy being with dentists from the different specialities and learning from them. My goal is to grow day by day and learn something new every day.”

Academic Background

  • Superior Technician in Dental Hygiene, Madrid.
  • Course: “Antiseptics and their relevance in oral health and dental hyperesthesia”, Dentaid.
  • Training Course in Operating X-Ray Systems For Diagnosing, Dental or Podriatical Purposes, Institute of Scientific and Technological Training SA, INFOCITEC.
  • I Conference of Dental Health in Primary Care in the Autonomy of Madrid, “Patient anxiety in dental treatments. Descriptive Study in Secondary Education Students”.
  • I Conference of Dental Health in Primary Care in the Autonomy of Madrid, “Educational Intervention about Oral Hygiene in 6-year-old children in the Autonomy of Madrid”.
  • Training Course: Basic Training in GESDEN.
  • Online Course: “Clinical Treatment of Dental Cavities”. September 2015- February 2016 (155h).
  • Training Course: “Advanced Periodontics Module for Dental Hygienists, Module I and II”, Professional College of Hygienists.
  • IV International Orthodontics Symposium, University of Salamanca.
  • Training Course: Health Safety Environment and Community, First Aid, Emergencies and Evacuation.
  • University Course: Specialization in Financial Management and Basic Accounting of Dental Offices, Miguel de Cervantes European University.
  • University Course: Specialization in Dental Quality Assistance.
  • Anual Conference of SEPES, Barcelona, 2019.
  • Course: Clinical Photography in Dentistry, Madrid.