Dra. Patricia Terceño Jiménez

Endodontist Specialist

Nº Col: 28015479

Dr. Terceño is in charge of treating the tooth inside when it has a problem, avoiding it can hurt.

If we asked my family or friends to describe me, a word that would immediately come to mind would be “hardworking”. From a very young age I have been constant in my studies with the desire to, one day, be able to give back to society part of what it has given me. What led me to study dentistry is my strong sense of responsibility. I really enjoy my specialty in Endodontics because I get to give a new opportunity to the teeth with a committed prognosis, and in turn allows me to improve professionally with the aim of achieving excellence. I share my passion for Endodontics with all kinds of sports that can be practiced outdoors.

dra. Patricia Terceño Jiménez